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Who doesn’t want a brighter smile?

Are you embarrassed by stains? Are you simply hoping to restore your smile’s brilliance? No matter your reasoning, it’s widely known that a beautiful smile can mean everything for your confidence and the impression you make. You deserve to be proud of the way you look. Today’s technologies provide a wide variety of whitening options to fit every need and every budget. Our practice offers the following options:

Tray whitening is a less-expensive and convenient at-home whitening treatment. The results are more gradual. Prescription whitening gel is delivered in a set of one-size-fits all trays, along with instructions for use. Maximum whitening results and a dazzling smile are achieved after a few applications. An occasional treatment can be used later to maintain your new, brighter smile. Trays are generally ready within a few days and instructions are given on how to apply the gel in the trays and how often to use it. Maximum whitening results and a dazzling smile are achieved at the end of the set treatment period. An occasional treatment can be used to maintain the new smile.

Internal Bleaching is a dental procedure used to lighten the color of a discolored tooth from the inside out. It is typically used for teeth that have undergone root canal treatment or have been traumatized, as these teeth are more prone to discoloration.

Ask about our whitening options! Please consult us about use of over-the-counter whitening treatments.

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